Multitalented feed Sainfoin

The name "sainfoin" comes from the French "sain" (healthy) and "foin" (hay). Sainfoin makes the most palatable hay for horses, livestock, is a non-bloating legume, and also fights intestinal parasites.

Sainfoin has also been shown to increase protein absorption. This, combined with its other health benefits, mean that animals fed by sainfoin pellets have very rapid liveweight gains and increased milk yield.

High content of condensed tannins has been proven for its anthelminthic efficacy in sheep and goats. Preliminary results in horses (2014 and 2015) are promising.
Sainfoin pellets are very palatable and could be fed alone or as feed component to increase palatability and nutritive value of compound feeds.

Sainfoin pellets deliver significant benefits to race horses as well as to horses with metabolic and health disorders like EMS, Cushing, Laminitis or disposition to colic.
The company SALBIO e.K. grows sainfoin and produces dehydrated pellets of 10 mm, 8 mm, 4 mm and 3 mm in diameter in Czech Republic.

Using gas-powered drum dryers safeguards the best quality of the final product. Zero mycotoxin contamination and high content of nutrients, rutin, vitamins and condensed tannins are the key benefits of pelletized material. 

​Variety VISNOVSKY - seed production 2014

Final product - Sainfoin pellets 8 mm in diameter.



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